Your Business is Only As Safe As The Cybersecurity Controls That You Put In Place. 

IT failures will happen but you can lessen the chances by implementing much better cybersecurity controls.

The highest cybersecurity protection we offer is CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) Level 3, a comprehensive set of controls required for some Federal contract work and all Defense contract work. 


Right below that is NIST Special Publication 800-171, an older standard that CMMC Level 3 is based on and supercedes.

We recognize that not all businesses want or can afford NIST 800-171 or CMMC Level 3 controls to be put in place.  For those businesses we offer a three-tier path to improved cybersecurity that can help you 1) budget improvements over a timeframe that you can afford, 2) prevent and stop cyber threats and 3) help you conform to cyberinsurance requirements.

Tier 1

New-to-us clients often have poor cybersecurity.  Sometimes, they have been lucky enough that they've gotten away without a breach for perhaps years.  We correct that by starting with an Ascent Systems Tier 1 security upgrade, which includes improvements for central business IT security and security for your staff who may work from home.  We usually find that newe clients don't have much in place in the form of protection, and about a third of the usual security improvements we start with are listed below.

  • Install Datto BC/DR (Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery) device

  • Install Datto RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management)

  • Install SonicWall Firewall with VPN Remote Access Software

  • Install Cylance Next-Generation, Machine Learning Anti-Virus

  • Delete inactive user accounts in Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

  • Delete inactive accounts in Microsoft Office 365

  • Enable GEO-IP Location Filtering in SonicWall Firewall.

  • Implement Two-Factor Authenticaion (2FA) for Microsoft Outlook 365
  • Disable Password reuse for (at least) 24 generations

  • Inventory IT Hardware, Software, and Users of Each

  • ... (more)

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Tier 2

Our Tier 2 security upgrade is the next phase of improved cybersecurity to make your business safer and to help you sleep at night.  It's intended for business owners and executives who may have some security in place but are either worried it's not enough or they are becoming security-conscious about securing their business and its data.  For new clients in this stage of their cybersecurity journey, we add the following (and more) security controls in place:

  • Order new network switches with logging/auditing capabilities

  • Install a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Server

  • Eliminate all group login accounts and email accounts for auditing

  • Install Email security and scanning system with logging

  • Create a network topology diagram

  • Create an Acceptable Network Use Policy document

  • Create a Password Policy document

  • Create new Employee Hiring and Termination IT Procedures

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Tier 3

Ascent's Tier 3 security upgrade is the last phase of cybersecurity improvements before you go all-in on CMMC Level 3.  You're prepared for just about anything.  It's intended for business owners and executives who may not do work for the Federal government but nevertheless want the best security just shy of that level for their business and its data.  For new clients want serious security above and beyond their peers, we add the following (and more) security controls in place:

  • Move WiFi outside of the primary business network if needed

  • Enable MAC Filtering on WiFi to prevent general use

  • Confirm WiFi uses FIPS-compliant data encryption

  • Create list of all authorized USB storage devices

  • Turn off all USB access to unauthorized storage devices

  • Disable network acces to DropBox, OneDrive, Teams, etc

  • Develop new, organized network folder structures

  • Encrypt Datto BCDR "at rest" and saved locally

  • Implement Email and network security awareness training

  • Upgrade printers to comply with NIST data "at rest" requirements

  • Create a Network Operations Manual



CMMC Level 3

This is it!  CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) Level 3 is the current gold standard in cybersecurity.  It is required for all defense-related work and specific federally contracted work.  If your business does work with the Department of Defense, this is the level you need to attain and be autited to prove you meet this standard.  Ascent Systems can help you get there.


Ascent is a registered CMMC RPO - "Registered Provider Organization," meaning that we are trained and meet the requirements to do CMMC cybersecurity improvements.  We have been approved by the CMMC Accreditation Board and are approved to work on computer systems to implement this highest form of security.


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