Fail-Safe IT

Businesses depend on information technology (IT) today more than ever. 

IT failures will happen, and when they do they can bring a business to an immediate halt if they're not prepared:

  • A Forrester study reported that 24% of companies experienced a full data disaster

  • A National Small Business Association study reported that 44% of businesses have been a victim of a cyberattack.


Is it worth the risk to be unprepared?​

Many compliance regulations like HIPAA, NIST SP 800-171, and CMMC require a data backup and recovery plan.  Got Recovery?

70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

Prepare Now, Save Later:

  • Downtime cost = $8,600 per hour average

  • Average downtime lasts 7 hours

  • Lost productivity of employees = ??: 

Recovery TIme Objective (RTO):

No two businesses are the same.  Do you know how long can your business be down without it affecting your bottom line?

  • Minutes

  • Hours

  • Days

  • Never

The Good News:

You can keep your business running with:

  1. A business continuity / disaster recovery solution, tailored to your specific business needs

  2. An IT service provider, Ascent Systems, who manages the entire process for you.

We Build Business Continuity for Businesses of Every Size:

  1. Servers with Datto SIRIS BCDR Appliances

  2. Cloud data (Office 365, etc.) with Saas Protection

  3. PCs with Cloud Continuity for PCs

Our Secret Sauce is Fail-Safe IT:

  1. Standardized Components such as hardware and system software so that we know these systems in and out without a learning curve

  2. An industry-leading business continutity / disaster recovery system and plan 

  3. Layered Cybersecurity beyond and above the usual tools all the way to CMMC Level 3

  4. Managed Services to ensure that all your systems are updated, managed, and monitored to ensure that there are no chinks in your armor.

Standardized Components

New-to-us clients often have a variety of old equipment that often doesn't perform well for them.  We correct that by planning their mission-specific technology "stack" and pre-engineering the equipment and wiring for maximum performance and security. Newer, smaller tech is better tech!



Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) is, in many ways, the most important component in your technology stack.  We use Datto BC/DR products exclusively and have a solution for any size business you have.  You cann see the wide family of devices in the left image.  In the right image is one of the smaller Datto appliances that one customer started with before they upgraded to a larger device when they grew.



Layered Cybersecurity

The common layers of cybersecurity - firewall and anti-virus software are not enough!  We take it to a new level to include six (6) firewall layers (including VPN), next-generation anti-virus systems with machine learning, analytics-driven SIEM (security Information and event monitoring), two-factor authentication, email protection, ransomware detection, end-user security training, and dark web email monitoring.



Managed Services

Many businesses don't have the technical resources to handle the myriad of IT issues that crop up during business operations.  With Ascent System's Fail-Safe IT experts performing the daily maintenance, fixes and upgrades, and monitoring your systems, you won't get trapped spending time on  fixing problems and can instead focus your efforts on growing your business. Pro-active measures to prevent future problems are included in our services.

Maintenance and Repair

Let's Work Together

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